Extension Human Resources, Evaluation, and Staff Development


Embracing all individuals through exemplary customer service.


Our mission is to provide human resources assistance and opportunities for learning through innovative techniques for Extension, UTIA, volunteers and citizens of Tennessee. Through timeliness and accuracy EESD creates an environment for people to serve and enhance the lives of Tennesseans.


  • We collaborate together to reach our mission.
  • We are honest, respectful, and caring in our work environment.
  • We provide professionalism within our organization.
  • We are dependable, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Human Resources​

Several administrative functions also fall within the responsibilities of Evaluation and Staff Development. These include agent recruitment, the hiring process, affirmative action and EEO, performance appraisal and statewide civil rights programming, to name a few.

Staff Development

Coordination of statewide extension staff development efforts is another departmental initiative. Plans are underway to establish frameworks for conducting online training and for a learning management system to track in-service training from the planning stages through individual training records. Extension minority internship programs are also a part of staff development responsibilities.