Position Descriptions

System HR Position Description Website

Position Description Website

For new positions and positions needing evaluation

  1. Complete the Position Description, Classification Request Form, and an organizational chart and forward to Extension HR.
  2. Extension HR reviews and forwards to UT Compensation for evaluation
  3. Letter of approval and classification will be sent to you from Extension HR
  4. Once approved, create the position e-form and requisition in IRIS to announce attaching the announcement in IRIS

For positions existing in IRIS.

If the PD on file meets the following criteria it will not have to be evaluated by UT Compensation prior to doing the requisition to announce.

  1. PD attached to the position in IRIS is in the 2017 format
  2. The position has been evaluated since 2018
  3. No changes have been made to the position

Links to generic PDs
2017 Compensation Project Letter