Search Process

It is the policy of The University of Tennessee Extension (hereafter UT Extension), not to discriminate against any employee or applicant. See the Office of Equal Opportunity and Accessibility website for a complete description of the EEO/AA Statement /Non-Discrimination Statement.

Help documentation for managing applicants in TALEO for Exempt and Non-Exempt searches can be found on the UT System Human Resources website at the following link: Help/Documentation – Jobs (tennessee.edu)

Extension Recruiting Brochure
The brochure can be printed two-sided on 8.5X11 Landscape
Brochure Side A
Brochure Side B

Extension Careers QR Code
The careers QR code links directly to the Extension Careers page (https://eesd.tennessee.edu/human-resources/extension-employment-opportunities/)
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Recruiting Resources from UTK/HR

Waiver of the 18-month Transfer Rule

Deans, Assistant/Associate Deans and Department Heads

  • Search is approved by the UTIA Senior Vice Chancellor/Senior Vice President
  • Search committee chair contacts the responsible UTIA Human Resources department
  • Use UT executive recruiter to assist in search process
  • Keep responsible UTIA Human Resources department informed of search progress

Tenure-track Faculty

  • Search is approved by the Dean(s)
  • Search committee chair contacts the responsible UTIA Human Resources department
  • Follow the UT Office of Equal Opportunity and Accessibility Steps for Faculty Searches
  • Keep responsible UTIA Human Resources department informed of search progress
  • Department completes New Faculty Information form and forwards to hr@utk.edu


Non Exempt

County-based Hiring Process

Complete a County Agent Request form and route through DocuSign
County Agent Hiring Process
Non-Exempt Hiring Process
Exempt Staff Search Summary Report. Use the strength and weakness addendum form if needed.

County Director Appointments

Temporary Positions

  • Complete an approval form as appropriate:
  • Create a Position Description and send it to Extension HR with an org chart, and a classification request.
  • Once the position has been classified, if recruitment is necessary follow either:
    • Hiring toolkit for Staff Regular Non-Exempt Positions
    • Hiring toolkit for Staff Regular Exempt Positions
      • NOTE: in step three Step 3: Viewing and Managing the Candidate Pool all strengths and weaknesses should use the template.
      • Forward exempt strengths and weaknesses to Extension Human Resources for approval. Non-exempt strengths and weaknesses should be maintained in the department.
  • If recruitment is not necessary, then start the hiring process.



Notes: Employees will should start no earlier than 30-days from their last day to allow for payroll deductions to clear. Federal employees will have Social Security and Medicare deducted. Faculty should follow the faculty post-retirement process.
UT Extension Post-retirement form

Access to IT services in Retirement

Access to IT Services in Retirement | Office of Innovative Technologies (utk.edu)


Interview Questions
Inappropriate Areas of Inquiry

Post Offer

Adding a Friend of UT

All Extension personnel who are not on the direct UT payroll need to be set up as a Friend of UT. This will create a record in IRIS and generate a NetID for email and access to SUPER. Their record will be imported into SUPER a few days later. In order to set a new employee up as a Friend of UT you will have to complete the three forms below. Once completed these forms need to be faxed to your region office. The region office will then set up the appropriate IRIS transactions and notify Deb Welch and John Toman, via email, of the person’s name and institution (TSU or county paid). Tennessee State University, state level personnel can fax their forms directly to the EESD office at (865)974-0882.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 days to add someone to IRIS and it is dependent on the workload of the data entry people working in UT Human Resources.

The Personal Data Form can be found on the UT Human Resources Forms page.​

The Friend of UT form can be downloaded directly:

Corporate Function

Corporate function refers to an Extension employee’s assignment(s):

  • 4-H youth development
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Executive/Administrative
  • Organizational Support
  • Resource Development

All UT Extension, TSU Extension, and 100% county-funded employees have a corporate function assignment(s). Corporate functions for all employees are displayed in SUPER and IRIS. If your corporate function(s) needs to be added/updated, contact your regional office/department:

Questions should be directed to:

  • County Personnel – contact your regional office.
  • Departmental Personnel – contact your departmental business manager​

ADMF-3 UT/County MOUs